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Site Version Release History:

September 24th – V1.2.5:  Added FAQ page.
September 7th – V1.2.4:  Added Donate button and page.
September 1st – V1.2.3:  Changed how products are displayed on homepage.
September 1st – V1.2.2:  Added About and Contact Us Pages.
August 31st – V1.2.1: Changed form to fix Area and School issue with Apple Pay.
August 31st – V1.2.0: Major release of payment new payment: Apple Pay and Google Pay
August 31st – V1.1.1: Changed school information to optional
August 31st – V1.1.0: Major release of payment with Credit Card (through Stripe)
August 28th – V1.0.4: Added area and school information.
August 27th – V1.0.3: Added separate shipping information field.
August 25th – V1.0.2: Fixed major configuration error for PayPal.
August 25th – V1.0.1: Removed PayPal button from checkout.
August 25th – V1.0.0: Initial release.