When will my order Arrive?

Here is our process for other merchandise:

After finalizing our merchandise numbers, we send out the order for production. We then package every merchandise individually and then ship it via USPS. The shipping time can take anywhere between 3-21 business days. If there are any questions, please feel free to contact us by visiting our contact tab.

Here is our process for ordering shirts:

After finalizing the numbers of shirts ordered (when shirt sales closed), we send out the order to the shirt maker for them to produce and provide the shirts to us. We then package every individual shirt together and then ship them all together via USPS, which can take from 3-14 business days. We plan to have all areas ship their shirts by 9/28. We are hoping all packages will arrive to you by FLC so please check your mail boxes.

Project shirts will be ordered around the last week of October (potentially sooner).