Buchser Interact Cooking Night


Cook for your family like a professional chef!

Expert chef and baker, Ms. Nancy Schlink, will be hosting a special live, virtual, interactive cooking event to teach you how to make delicious, creamy CREAM PUFFS right from your own home kitchen. Tickets are in limited supply, and all proceeds will be used to benefit the Interact District 5170 International and Community Projects.

There are two levels of participation:
• Basic level includes admission to this interactive, virtual event (exclusive Zoom link and ingredient list will be sent to your email a week in advance)
• Premium level includes admission to the event and ingredient DELIVERY the day of the event, plus a chance for a GOLDEN ticket prize!

Book your spot today before we sell out! Spots are limited and ALL FUNDS collected will go to a good cause!

Hey Interactors, this is Buchser’s first ever cooking night with your special host, the Buchser culinary teacher, Ms. Schlink. To register for the event, you will have 2 options. One option is the $25 basic registration + Zoom link. The other is a $40 registration + Zoom link, ingredient kit and a chance of winning a $20 Starbucks card. The topic for that night will be cream puffs! Anyone can join! It could be your parents, teachers, neighbors! Name it! No matter who you are, you are welcome to learn how to cook and have fun doing it with us. The event will happen on April 23rd at 6:30 PM and registration will close on April 14th.